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About Soothie Suckers

Happy, healthy children need natural support to help keep them smiling and at their best. In fact, that’s exactly what led Marietta Harrison to create Soothie Suckers. She went in search of natural and gentle ways to promote the health of her five children, and in doing so she discovered a world of herbs that parents have turned to for thousands of years.

Tapping into that ancient wisdom, Marietta developed Soothie Suckers as a safe and fun way to keep kids immune systems strong–and as a way to empower parents to make natural and healthy choices for their children.

Soothie Suckers provides great tasting, pre-­measured herbal remedies formatted for children. These proprietary herbal formulas are packaged in ice pop pouches and come in two natural flavors (grape and orange) for daily or seasonal consumption. These first formulas help support the immune system and the upper respiratory system. Expiration date stamped on each pop to insure highest quality.


“…Nasal support is something I was very excited about. My girls have both inherited my sinus allergies and issues. It makes them more prone to sinus infections, ear infections and other respiratory issues. I normally don’t like giving them medicines for their sinuses because of safety.

I couldn’t wait for them to try Soothie Suckers Herbal Ice Pops. They loved the fact that they are ice pops of course. They don’t consider it a medicine, to them it is a treat!

I really think the Soothie Suckers Herbal Ice Pops Nasal Support have helped my girls a lot. They seem so much more comfortable without the added medicines.

The Soothie Suckers Herbal Ice Pops Immune Support is also great for around here. Since my oldest is in school this year every time we turn around one of us is getting sick. None of us were exposed to sicknesses as much as we have been this year and it has been a rough year for us.

I have been giving the girls the Immune Support and so far they have not gotten sick again. I am glad to report that! Both of my girls have also said they taste great!

I would definitely recommend Soothie Suckers Herbal Ice Pops… “–Here We Go Again, Ready?

“Soothie Suckers are a great way to support our childrens’ health while giving them a treat they love. I have to admit, I tried one of the immune support soothie suckers and while it was not my favorite, considering it’s herbal nature, it was pretty good. The kids loved them, my daughter noted that it reminded her a little of tea. I used the Nasal Support one for my son when he had a cold and it helped him (I believe) to feel better faster and breath better.

These aren’t just great during cold season, they are great any time. Between seasons, during cold and flu season, during back to school, when the weather changes…the list could go on. I give them to my kids to support their immune system any time the weather changes from warm to cold and vice versa because it seems that’s one time when colds seem to thrive. I also give them to them before and during flu season. They really seem to help and my kids really enjoy them. These are a great snack that isn’t just tasty, but healthy and chock full of great herbs meant to help boost the immune system. These are way better for kids than the sugar filled ice pops that go on sale each summer and there isn’t anything in them I’ll regret giving my kids later. I just love Soothie Suckers!”—Happy Homemaker


“Kids never turn down ice pops! I love how this company incorporated an all- natural supplement into an great tasting ice pop. The kids love the ice pops and we know we are doing something good for our kids!!! “–Ask Sarah Michelle

The idea of a ICE POP IS SO ORIGINAL! It makes giving medicine to my family just that much easier. They are about a quarter of the size (in length) to a typical freeze pop, but seem to take a bit longer to fully freeze. The best part is these are safe to use starting at the age of 2! They are great for any kid who feels sick and just wants to get better, fast. –I Have A Box Problem

…What I really love about then is that kids enjoy then AND they help to keep them healthy. A mom’s dream come true – a treat that kids like to eat that is all natural and has health benefits! My daughter actually enjoyed eating them and it made me happy to know that they can help to keep her healthy! –The Brainy Buyer

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