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Use of Herbs with Kids

Kids are super important to me. Childhood is one of those precious times in life that you pass through at lightening speed and never get back to again. As we care for the children in our lives, there are many aspects to consider. There are so many areas developing simultaneously that it can be dizzying. As caretakers of children – knowing that their bodies are healthy is priority number one, as their bodies house everything else.

This basic understanding of the importance of childhood and the developing person, housed by a developing body, lead me to discover herbal supports. And I am convinced more and more of their beauty and thankful to the Earth for It’s provision.

When supporting a child through one of their many colds, Eucalyptus in the Showeror through the cold season, it has always been my belief that one should begin treatment with the gentlest form of care and then move to stronger forms if necessary. For instance, when my Esther is beginning to fight off a cold, we first make chicken soup (recipe link here), keep her well-dressed with cotton undershirts and socks so her internal furnace is not using the energy to keep her body warm, but can focus on fighting any airborne viruses, make sure she gets plenty of rest, takes a warm, steamy showers to move mucus through her system,  and take some supportive herbs.

Rosemary Gladstar, herbalist, educator and activist, states the same in her podcast interview stating, “It’s just wisdom to start with the gentlest, safest approach – a warm bath, hold your child, gentle herbs…..then go to the stronger medications if needed.” Makes SO much sense!

Marietta & EstherChildren’s bodies are developing, and, as such, are sensitive, as there is a LOT going on!! As a result, their bodies tend to be uniquely responsive to the healing properties found in herbal and other natural supports so dosage is important. The dosage in our pops were designed by me with the help of KP Khalsa, to ensure enough herbal product to make a difference, but not so much as to overwhelm a child’s body..

As Rosemary Gladstar, states, “Herbalism was once considered the simplest medicine, and was accessible to everyone. The only reason it seems complex is because we’ve been separated from our herbal traditions.” And, unfortunately, this separation, has led to some unnecessary concerns about the very plants that have been placed here to help us all.

I wish for all to know more and be led into a more confident way of caring for the little ones in their lives. It is SO gratifying and empowering as a parent to care for a child in this way and allow Nature to hold us all in Her hand.

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