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The Story of Esther

ssfrontEsther is my youngest child (and my 5th child) and cuter than anything! As a parent who had already raised 4 children, I wanted to make sure that Esther would benefit from my years of learning. One of the most valuable things I learned was that I could support her health by using plant-based herbal supports. It felt so right knowing that the plants that had been around for centuries could provide healthy support to her and our entire family. But, I also remembered how terrible they tasted and how difficult it was for my older children to choke them down (sorry, guys!).

Soothie Suckers was born out of a desire to help Esther (and others) benefit from nature without sacrificing taste. Because….Why shouldn’t the good stuff taste good? I started developing them right around Esther’s 1st birthday, too.

Soothie Suckers is my way to share herbal remedies with Esther and all of you. And they are tasty, too!  Finally.

Yours in good health,

Marietta Harrison, Founder and CEO