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Founder’s Story


Hi. My name is Marietta and I am so glad you are reading this!

Maybe you can relate to my story.

I was a young mother during the 90’s with four young children. We played hard, we worked hard and it seemed that the winter season hit us hard. After watching my children struggle to stay well year after year, I was driven to search for alternatives.  I was concerned about the potential long-term effects of our chemical-based western lifestyle and was convinced that there had to be healthier, more natural options available.  I began researching alternative choices that could help my children stay healthy all season long.

My research led to herbal products and remedies.  The use of plants as health supports dates back over 5,000 years and I learned how to make blends for my four children and they worked!  (They didn’t taste so good, but they worked.)  And, I figured that if my great- great-great-grandmothers did it, it would be all right with me.

Fifteen years later, spurred by the rapidly escalating interest in natural products and corroborated by statistics indicating one in three adults and one in nine children choose alternative products, I began working on herbal formulas to bring to my youngest daughter, Esther, and hopefully to a wider audience.  Together with local herbalist, KP Khalsa, I created herbal blends that gently support children’s health and they taste great.

When my youngest daughter, Esther, turned one, Soothie Suckers was born.  Now I can provide her with the herbal supports that I have trusted for years in flavors that she loves.

We hope you love them as much as we do!

Marietta Harrison, Founder and CEO (and Esther, too)